FY2024 Air Service Packet

The following Airline RAISE Program is adopted by the GIAA Board of Directors, effective May 1, 2022 to incentivize and stimulate air service travel demand in anticipation of Guam's plans to safely re-open with the requirement of pre-arrival testing. Such targeted economic recovery initiatives are intended to attract and encourage air service from all destinations in the Asia- Pacific region.

1. All Destinations: All city destinations in the non-U.S., Asia-Pacific region with direct scheduled air service or scheduled on-demand air service to Guam.

2. Air Carriers: Open to all U.S. and foreign based airlines that possess all governmental authorizations. Tour wholesalers and agencies are ineligible for the Airline RAISE Program incentives but may factor such program in their negotiations with an airline operator.

3. Duration: Beginning May 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022.

4. Minimum Weekly Frequency: Airline RAISE Program applies to passenger air service with a minimum of one (1) flight per week, per destination.

5. Rates & Charges Discount: The Airline Raise Program applies to operational rates and charges published in the Airport Tariff Schedule for the duration of the program and limited to the Airfield Use (Landing) Fee, Loading Bridge Use, Immigration Inspection, Arrivals and Departure Fees only.

The cumulative percentage discount is:

  • Up to 25% of the operational rates for a minimum of one flight per week

The rates and charges discounts will be applied on a monthly basis pursuant to the airline activity report for the prior month.

Incentives are destination based and non-discriminatory which conforms to FAA guidance. Additional incentives or destinations may be provided on a case-by-case, non-preferential basis subject to review, negotiations and approval by GIAA management.