News Release

Airport Launches Vision Hulo' With International Arrivals Corridor Project Kickoff

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tomorrow, the A.B. Won Pat International Airport will kick off the construction of the International Arrivals Corridor, a $110M capital improvement project and launch "Vision Hulo'" a campaign of initiatives the Airport has adopted to promote growth, development and opportunities and enhance Guam Airport's profile in the region and its connectivity with the world.

"We floated the bonds to finance this unfunded federal mandate, and after a long and deliberative design process, we are starting the much anticipated construction of the International Arrivals Corridor," stated Charles "Chuck" Ada II, Executive Manager. "This project will separate arriving passengers from departing passengers and allow us to finally reclaim full use of the concourse, and remove the temporary walls. The new corridor will provide the permanent solution to the Transportation Security Administration's requirement in place since 2005. The new International Arrivals Corridor will enhance passenger processing and services and increase revenue generation, allowing access to key retail and food and beverage areas and eliminate costly labor costs for monitoring passenger flow and the separation of passengers in the concourse," continued Chuck Ada.

About the Project:
The International Arrivals Corridor will basically create a 3rd level to the current Airport Terminal, which will be accessed by "pods", built externally to the current structure. Arriving passengers will be transported up to the third level at these pods, and will be led directly to the US Customs and Border Protection Hall, completely separated from departing passengers in the 2nd level concourse. The corridor will have some of the most spectacular views of the island, building up anticipation and excitement of arriving passengers of their visit to Guam, directly upon arrival. The project is publicly financed with new money from the $110 Million in bond proceeds the airport closed in September 2013. Upon issuance of the bonds, response from investors was overwhelming, with $1.7 billion in demand recorded, a testament to the airport's financial performance, and confidence in Guam Airport's future growth and development. Contractors involved in the project include project designer, E & A Engineers, along with Gensler & Associates and Tanguchi Ruth Makio Architects, construction management, SSFM International Inc., and construction contactor Black Construction Corporation.

"Vision Hulo'" incorporates initiatives the Airport has undertaken to create future growth, development and opportunities for the Airport and for Guam. From its capital improvement projects, to new revenue programs, increased services and enhanced operations, the Airport launches Vision Hulo' to further contribute to the economy of the island. In 2014, the airport commissioned an economic contribution study by LeighFisher, which measured the impact of Airport operations on Guam's economy. The results of the study concluded that operations at the Guam Airport directly, indirectly and/or induced, generates on an annual basis

  • $2.28 Billion Generated and infused in the economy
  • $787 Million in Payroll
  • 23,363 in Jobs

"Vision Hulo'" is an all-encompassing campaign for future growth, development and opportunities. Hulo' in our native Chamorro language means "up" in English, and it is clear, that in regard to our completed and ongoing projects and our efforts to enhance airport operations in every aspect that for Guam's Airport, the only direction is UP… or Hulo'!

"Vision Hulo'" also extends to our relationship with our airlines and key airport partners who have a stake in the islands future growth and development in aviation. Along with our sister agencies involved in tourism and business development, we intend to make these initiatives work for the Airport and for Guam," continued Executive Manager Chuck Ada. " We especially want to acknowledge the leadership and support from Governor Eddie B. Calvo's administration and the Airport Board of Directors who consistently ensures we act in the best interest of the people of Guam and our island's future," he concluded.

The launching of Vision Hulo' and kick off of the construction of the International Arrivals Corridor is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 4pm in the East Ticket Lobby, Main Terminal.