News Release

GIAA Asks Guam Supreme Court to Expedite Appeal of Amended Judgement Voiding Lotte Contract

Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018 – Tamuning, Guam – Attorneys for the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (“GIAA”) yesterday filed a motion in the Guam Supreme Court to expedite the briefing and appeal of the amended judgment by the Guam Superior Court voiding the Airport’s specialty retail concession contract with Lotte Duty Free.

GIAA’s motion to expedite comes after the Superior Court of Guam on July 16 granted a stay of its amended judgment voiding the contract and denied in almost its entirety DFS’s motion to amend the Court’s February 2018 orders and judgment, allowing GIAA’s appeal to the Supreme Court to proceed.

“DFS’s motion to amend the February 2018 orders and judgment has unnecessarily delayed Supreme Court review by more than five months, but we are pleased that a stay is now in place so that the Supreme Court can proceed with its review,” said Genevieve Rapadas, legal counsel to GIAA. “With this motion, we’re asking that the Supreme Court expedite GIAA’s appeal so that we can speedily resolve this litigation that has been so damaging to the financial standing of the Airport.”

“The drastic and unprecedented order in February 2018 by the Superior Court voided a hugely successful $154 million public contract and threatens to undermine the financial stability and integrity of the Airport,” continued Rapadas. “Based on what we have heard from some of the top airport experts in the U.S., the procurement process for the duty free specialty retail concession in 2012-2013 was fair, open, professionally-run and comparable to similar competitions at the largest international airports in the United States. GIAA is looking forward to Supreme Court review of the case.”

For any questions, please contact Genevieve Rapadas at 646-9355 or [email protected]