News Release

Two Years Running - FAA Gives Guam Airport Perfect Score

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Board, Management, and Staff of the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (GIAA) are pleased to announce that the Guam International Airport received a perfect 100% score for its annual certification inspection, conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Honolulu Airports Districts Office (ADO), Western Pacific Region.

The annual inspection was conducted September 25 - 29, 2017, and revealed that the airport is operated in full compliance with 14 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 139, the Airport Certification Manual, and the Airport Operating Certificate.

"As a certified Airport Operator, Guam's Airport is subject to strict requirements and meeting the standards for daily operations. Mr. William J. Brown, certification inspector from the FAA Honolulu ADO, assessed our facility from top to bottom, day and night, over a three-day period. In terms of facilities this included runway and taxiway pavement markings and airfield lighting. Extensive review of our Airport Certification Manual, firefighting training, self-inspections, and aircraft fueling operations were also inspected. We are extremely proud that, for two consecutive years, the Guam Airport received a 100% perfect score, and is the first and still the only airport in the entire Pacific region to hit this mark," said Executive Manager Charles H. Ada II.

He added, "This is a testament to the professionalism and hard work of the GIAA employees, and for that, we commend them for ensuring that Guam’s airport is top notch in terms of safety and security and a leader in aviation in the region."