Ground Transportation

There are a number of public transportation services you can use to get from the Airport to your destination of choice.

A taxi counter is conveniently located outside the West Arrival terminal building and can assist you with the first available taxi. There are several car rental reservation and tour group counters located outside the baggage claim area for your convenience.

Tour Group Counters

  • Dream Pacific Inc. dba Mode Tour

    Director: Mr. Jae H. Lim


    582 Pale San Vitores, 2B Manhattan Plaza

    P.O. Box 20807, GMF, Guam 96921

    GMF, Guam 96921

    Telephone: 647-8882

    Fax: 647-8886

  • Guam Hana Tour Inc.

    General Manager: Mr. Jeromy Jung

    2nd floor East/West Bldg.

    P.O. Box 11471, Tamuning, Guam 96931

    Tamuning, Guam 96931

    Telephone: 688-3668

    Fax: 649-4272

    Accounting: Jenny Taylor


  • H.I.S. Guam Inc.

    President (effective 03/01/2017): Mr. Jun Yano

    General Manager (effective 09/29/2019): Mr. Hirokazu Aoki

    Senior Manager - Reservation/Business Development: Neil Urbano


    Telephone: 777-0115

    (Reef Hotel)

    P.O. Box 11769, Tamuning, Guam 96931

    Tamuning, Guam 96931

    Telephone: 646-1217

    Fax: 646-0278

  • Holiday Tours Micronesia (Guam), Inc.

    President: Mr. Satoru Murata


    (between Cost U Less & Golden Motel)

    P.O. Box 10570

    Tamuning, Guam, 96931

    Telephone: 646-7641

    Admin Telephone: 649-6850

    Fax: 646-1388



  • Japan Bus Lines

    President: Mr. Shun Matsumoto


    Telephone: 488-0371

    (Next to St. Paul's School)

    P.O. Box 20757

    GMF, Guam, 96921

    Telephone: 637-0699

    Fax: 637-0698

  • Joeun Travel

    President: Mr. Chang Lee

    (#106 Fountain Plaza #720)

    P.O. Box 8832

    Tamuning, Guam, 96931

    Telephone: 727-2345

    Fax: 788-0127

  • LamLam Tours & Transportation

    General Manager Admin & Acctg: Mr. Takayuki Tanaka


    Telephone: 858-3556

    (Harmon Industrial Park)

    117 Guerrero St.

    Tamuning, Guam, 96913

    Telephone: 646-1028

    Fax: 646-6256

  • Net Tours

    General Manager: Mr. John S. Ko


    Telephone: 777-6373

    (Bello Road by Mid-Pac & Chinese Temple)

    P.O. Box 9796

    Tamuning, Guam, 96931

    Telephone: 632-0583

    Fax: 637-0583

  • Pacific Island Holidays, LLC

    President: Bruce E. Kloppenburg


    Telephone: 992-8974

    Executive Vice President: Travis E. Kloppenburg


    Vice President, Business Development: Bradley D. Kloppenburg


    (Behind Taco Bell, Tamuning)

    P.O. Box 6098

    Tamuning, Guam, 96931

    Telephone: 649-1941/2

    Fax: 649-34861

  • P.H.R. Micronesia, Inc.

    Vice President: Mr. Milton Morinaga


    (Ernst & Young Building)

    Ypao Road

    Tamuning, Guam, 96913

    Telephone: 646-3860

    Fax: 646-3861

  • PMT Guam Corporation

    General Manager: Mr. Shing Ishibashi

    Assistant GM: Mr. Toshio Akigami


    Administration Manager: Peachy Lozano

    590 South Marine Drive

    Suite 420 GITC Bldg.

    Tamuning, Guam, 96913

    Telephone: 647-0703

    Terminal Phone: 642-3105

    Fax: 647-0798 / 642-3040

  • Sanko Enterprises Inc.

    President: Mr. Takemitsu Noguchi


    P.O. Box 8562

    Tamuning, Guam 96931

    360 Chalan Pasaheru

    Tamuning, Guam 96913

    Telephone: 646-1548

    Terminal Telephone: 646-0323

    Fax: 649-5152