Traveler Tips

To assist you in planning your departure or arrival at the A. B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam, some general information is readily available below. For more information, visit Transportation Security Administration Website.

Before you leave...

  • Leave lighters at home.
  • Pack valuables such as jewelry, cash and electronics, as well as fragile items, in your carry on.
  • Wear footwear that can easily be removed.
  • Avoid wearing clothing, belts, and accessories that contain metal.
  • Lock your baggage using a TSA-accepted lock.
  • Place firearms and ammunition to your checked baggage and declare them to your airline.

When you arrive...

  • Take your laptop and video cameras with cassettes out of their cases for screening.
  • Remove your suit coat or jacket and place in bin for x-ray.
  • Place cell phones, PDA’s, keys, loose change, jewelry and large metal items in your carry-on baggage before entering the screening checkpoint.