A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam

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07:15 Osaka Kansai - UA151
07:30 Nagoya, JP - UA137
08:00 Saipan - UA174
09:00 Honolulu - UA200
11:25 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA840


10:35 Saipan - UA076
12:00 Rota - S23401
14:10 Seoul, Korea - TW303
14:15 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - JL941
15:05 Seoul, Korea - LJ913
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Get the new Airport Guam Mobile Web App on your phone or tablet

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Airport Mobile Web App

The official Guam airport mobile web app puts the airport in your pocket, with traveller and terminal information, news, special offers and more - everything you need for an easy journey to and through Guam.

Whether you're a frequent flyer or a first-time visitor, our mobile app puts the information you need on the move right at your fingertips.

Here are just some of the helpful features:
Interactive search tool to find dining, shopping, and services in our airport
Traveller requirements
Ground transportation, airline, and other information

Guam Airport mobile web app is currently available for smartphones and tablets. To download the web app onto the home screen of your device, follow the steps below:


- On your Samsung/Android device, use your internet web browser and enter the guamairport.com website
- Select ‘Menu’ (this is the button on the lower right hand corner of your android phone)
- Select ‘Add Shortcut’ and 'Save'


- On your iPhone or iPad device, use the SAFARI web browser and enter the guamairport.com website.
- Select the share button on the bottom of the screen (this is the box with as arrow pointing up)
- Select 'Add to Home Screen'

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