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ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar Kicks Off Today in Guam

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[October 8, 2013 – Hong Kong] The 9th ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar kicks off today in Guam with over 100 participants. The Seminar, to be held from today to October 11, is organized by ACI Asia-Pacific and hosted by A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (GIAA) in partnership with Pohnpei Port Authority.

The Small and Emerging Airports Seminar is a dedicated event to address the common interests and concerns of small and emerging airports in the Asia-Pacific region. The theme of the Seminar is "Rediscovering Emerging Airports' Potential". In today's turbulent business environment, it is extremely challenging for airports, especially small and emerging airports in Asia-Pacific, the world's fastest growing region, to be profitable, meet capacity requirements and ensure a return on investment.

The Seminar this year will offer discussions on a number of topics that is significant for these airports, including boosting tourism through destination marketing; optimizing the business model for small and emerging airports; the potential of non-aeronautical revenues in small and emerging airports; enhancing the passenger experience through improved technology and the importance of staff training and human resources.

In welcoming the delegates, Mrs. Patti Chau, Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific said, "Small and emerging airports play a vital role in contributing to Asia-Pacific region's 1.94 billion passenger traffic in 2012. Altogether the small airports handled 240 million passengers, about 12% of the region's total traffic. We are fully aware of the importance of the small and emerging airports in the region and to cater for their specific needs, we created the Small and Emerging Airports Network to promote the exchange of best practices and expertise."

She also congratulated Guam on celebrating its' 50 years of tourism and the increased tourist numbers as a result of collective efforts, proactive marketing initiatives by the government, airport and the tourism bureau.

Lastly, she thanked the Government of Guam, Guam International Airport and the event partner, Pohnpei Port Authority for their gracious hospitality and support in organizing the Seminar.

"The A.B. Won Pat International Airport is the island's only commercial airport, and has emerged as the economic engine of Guam's economy and the principal airport serving the Micronesian islands," stated Charles H. Ada II, Executive Manager of Guam's Airport. "As the largest capital improvement project ever done on Guam, the Airport must now evolve with the industry using best practices to encourage an unencumbered business climate and capture reciprocal effects for our island and Micronesia. We thank ACI Asia-Pacific for allowing us to host the 9th ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar on Guam. We anticipate a wonderful synergy of our organizations, business models and cultures, and look forward to hosting our international guests with the hospitality for which Guam is well known."

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ACI Asia-Pacific, one of the five regions of the Airports Council International (ACI), is based in Hong Kong and represents over 500 airports in 43 countries in Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.

As the only global trade association of the world's airports, ACI represents airports' interests with governments and international organizations, develops standards, policies and recommended practices for airports, and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the world. In 2012, ACI Asia-Pacific airports have handled 1.94 billion passengers and 39.71 million tonnes of cargo.

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