A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam

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02:40 Seoul, Korea - 7C3105
02:55 Busan - LJ930
05:55 Manila, Philippines - PR111
07:00 Osaka Kansai - UA151
07:00 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA828


03:55 Manila, Philippines - PR110
04:45 Manila, Philippines - UA184
05:10 Koror - UA158
10:35 Saipan - UA076
12:00 Rota - S23401
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Press Release Archives for July 2017

  • Airport Launches Vision Hulo' With International Arrivals Corridor Project Kickoff

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Tomorrow, the A.B. Won Pat International Airport will kick off the construction of the International Arrivals Corridor, a $110M capital improvement project and launch "Vision Hulo'" a campaign of initiatives the Airport has adopted to promote growth, development and opportunities and enhance Guam Airport's profile in the region and its connectivity with the world.

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  • S&P Affirms BBB(SPUR)/Stable Long Term Investment Grade Rating

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Standard & Poors (S&P) affirmed its "BBB" long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR)* on the A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam's 2013 senior-lien General Revenue Bonds, with a stable outlook. "The stable outlook reflects our anticipation that the Airport's financial performance will remain steady, supported by consistent or improving passenger levels", according to the ratings summary released by S&P on June 19, 2017.

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