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A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam

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07:00 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA828
07:15 Osaka Kansai - UA151
07:30 Nagoya, JP - UA137
08:00 Saipan - UA174
11:30 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA864


04:25 Manila, Philippines - UA184
10:30 Saipan - UA117
14:10 Seoul, Korea - LJ643
14:45 Seoul, Korea - LJ641
15:15 Seoul, Korea - KE421
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Guam Airport Rolls Out New & Improved Luggage Carts

Monday, January 23, 2023

Passenger experience continues to be a priority for the Guam International Airport Authority with its rolling out of a new fleet of 300 luggage carts for arriving passengers very soon. The new carts are lighter, sleeker and easily maneuverable on terminal floor and outdoor surfaces.

“Although we continue to be in cost containment mode, we knew there was a need for additional luggage carts in anticipation of our increased passenger traffic and to augment our current inventory,” stated John “JQ” M. Quinata, Executive Manager. “These small improvements are meant to enhance our passenger services and this latest model is lighter than our current carts and much more maneuverable on all types of floor surfaces. Safety features of the luggage carts include auto brakes, and larger wheels that will accommodate larger baggage and boxes as well as increased weight.”

Dr. Artemio “Ricky” Hernandez, Deputy Executive Manager further added, “The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam, is committed to improvements—no matter how small—in all aspects of passenger experience.”