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12:10 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA196
13:00 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - UA864
15:10 Seoul, Korea - TW304
16:15 Seoul, Korea - LJ914
16:50 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - JL942


14:10 Seoul, Korea - TW303
14:15 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - JL941
15:05 Seoul, Korea - LJ913
15:15 Seoul, Korea - KE421
15:40 Osaka Kansai - UA150
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JAL Bases Pilot Training on Guam

Friday, October 4, 2013

Japan Airline’s (JAL) business profile has expanded with the opening of a full flight crew training center here at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (GIAA).

“It’s a strategic move for JAL to base their flight crew training operations on Guam. With today’s competitive airline environment, Japan Airlines is able to conduct quality training on fully certified runways and facilities, in conformance to FAA and ICAO standards, at a much lower cost if they were to conduct the same training in high cost and congested airports such as Haneda and Narita airports in Japan,” stated Chuck Ada, GIAA Executive Manager. “This operation is mutually beneficial, providing the Airport a new revenue stream,” he continued.

JAL cadet pilots will be trained to operate two of JAL’s fleet models that include the B737-800 and the B767-300 at the Guam International Airport. Trainings will be conducted in compliance to their country’s and their respective destinations regulatory authorities. Some of the procedures they will be practicing are touch and go and will remain overnight over a ten day training period per month. Aircraft will be dispatched back to Japan thereafter.

“It’s not just revenue for us, but for the fuel handler and ground handling companies, as well as the housing and hotel accommodations and restaurants and other service providers the flight crew and instructors will utilize during their ten day training cycles,” stated Chuck Ada. “Further, the training will be conducted during our non-peak hours, increasing our operations capacity and balancing aircraft operations throughout the am bank.

This new venture, among other Airport activity greatly enhances GIAA’s portfolio. A recent accomplishment was the successful bond closing that will infuse $150M in capital improvement projects into the economy and upgrade Guam’s only civilian Airport facilities. Additionally, Guam’s Airport’s role in the region will be magnified with the upcoming Airports Council International Asia-Pacific 14th Annual Small and Emerging Airports Seminar entitled “Rediscover Emerging Airports Potential” that will be held October 8 through 11, 2013 at the Westin Resort Guam. Over 100 participants are expected to attend, with delegates as diverse as the UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, the FSM, the US and Japan and Korea making up the participant mix. For more information on the Seminar please visit www.guamairport.com