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15:10 Seoul, Korea - TW304
16:15 Seoul, Korea - LJ914
16:50 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - JL942
16:50 Osaka Kansai - UA177
17:00 Seoul, Korea - KE422


14:10 Seoul, Korea - TW303
14:15 Tokyo, JP ~ Narita - JL941
15:05 Seoul, Korea - LJ913
15:15 Seoul, Korea - KE421
15:40 Osaka Kansai - UA150
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Japan Airlines Renews Pilot Training at Guam Airport

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Japan Airlines (JAL) has renewed its pilot training agreement with the A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam (GIAA), enhancing Guam Airport’s business profile in the region.  
“Since October 2013, JAL has based their flight crew operations on Guam. We’re extremely happy to expand our aircraft activity to include pilot training at our facilities, in addition to our passenger and cargo operations. Our runways are fully certified and are in conformance to FAA and ICAO standards. JAL has recognized Guam as a perfect location for its cadet training, compared to high cost and congested airports such as Haneda and Narita airports in Japan,” stated Chuck Ada, GIAA Executive Manager. “We are excited JAL has renewed its agreement to conduct training at our Airport,” he continued.    
JAL cadet pilots will be trained to operate two of JAL’s fleet models that include the B737-800 and the B767-300 at the Guam International Airport. Trainings will be conducted in compliance to their country’s and their respective destinations regulatory authorities. Some of the procedures they will be practicing are Touch-and-Go operations, and aircraft will remain at the Guam Airport over a ten-day training period per month. Aircraft will be dispatched back to Japan thereafter.  
“Training will be conducted during our non-peak hours, increasing our operations capacity and balancing aircraft operations throughout the A.M. bank,” stated Chuck Ada.  
“Thus far, just over one hundred JAL pilots have successfully completed their training programs over the past two years, stated Mr. Yasuhiro Nambu, Deputy Director-Pilot Flight Training of Japan Airlines. “We look forward to continued partnership with the Guam Airport in training our pilots in a safe and modern airport facility, close to our home base in Japan.”